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Life Insurance

Protect the livelihood of those you love with life insurance. Without you, how would your family make ends meet? Planning is your family's protection from poverty.

It's long been established that access to education and health services are directly correlated to higher quality and length of life. That comes at a cost. Assure that for you and your family get access to the right resources.

Health Benefit Plans

Having the right health benefits in place can mean access to preventative medicine. It's not life or death to visit the dentist for cleanings for example but doing so can save you time, money and a lot of personal hardship over the long term.

Catching a small muscular issue at a physiotherapist before it becomes chronic can be a game-changer but you need to fund that. Having your own personal benefits plan can mean you don't have to depend on an employer to access preventative medicine.

Health Insurance for Non-Residents

If you are not covered by government health insurance because you have either lost it, are visiting Canada or are immigrating to Canada, there are options for you.

Affordable private health insurance is available for those who are not covered by government health insurance to cover visits to the doctor or emergency visits to the hospital.

Travel Insurance

You don't need insurance until you need it and by then it's too late. Don't find yourself in a bind abroad having to find a wad of cash to pay a hospital bill. Travel in safety with the right insurance.

Whether you have existing medical conditions, you're traveling to a weird place for a long period of time or just going to get some sun, we can get you covered at the best rates.

Disability Insurance

Your ability to earn an income is your biggest asset and you should protect it. That's your livelihood. Let us help you put a plan in place that would take over in the event of an accident or illness. These things happen.

How long could you go without a paycheque? How long before you would have to start making uncomfortable changes? The first step to growing your wealth is protecting what you already have. Let us help you do that.

Expat Health Insurance

If you do not have provincial government health insurance then you are not eligible for traditional travel insurance and would need expatriate health insurance.

Expat health insurance would could cover everything from check-ups at the doctors to emergency medical visits to a hospital. This coverage is essential if you are traveling frequently or long term.