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We Are Committed to Transparency 

Business Structure & Registration

All insurance products and services are marketed and distributed by Red Helm Canada. Red Helm Canada is federally incorporated and licensed to distribute life, accident and sickness insurance in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. 


Red Helm Canada holds licenses to distribute life, accident and sickness insurance in the province of Ontario and British Columbia. Your insurance representative will have a like to their personal distribution license within a similar disclosure within the signature of their email. Below are copies of our corporate license certificates. 

BC License


Potential Conflicts of Interest

We are not currently engaged in any business outside the scope of accident, sickness, and life insurance distribution. We have no ownership in any insurance carriers with whom we are contracted with and not owned by any insurance companies with whom we have distributions contracts with. We are not an insurance issuer but a brokerage engaged in the distribution 3rd party insurance products.

Affiliate Relationships

Red Helm Insurance administers an affiliate program that compensates users who refer clients and potential client to us. This affiliate program may compensate those who market our services in a variety of ways depending on their licensing status.

Affiliate Program

Our Influencer Affiliate Program is available to anyone demonstrating a high degree trustworthiness, and influence on or offline. The platform administers relationships by which the referring parties earn flat rate commission for every visitor that they refer to our website who fills out a “quote request” form with the intention of shopping for personal insurance. Influencer affiliates do not participate in the sales process beyond referrals and Red Helm Insurance, does not share any policy or client information with them. Referrers and affiliate information is always disclosed as such when the user completes the “quote request” form on our website.  This information would be found above the “quote request” form if there is a referring party.

Affiliate Broker Program

Our Affiliate Broker platform is available to entities and persons who hold valid licenses to sell life, health, or travel insurance within Canada. This platform administers relationships by which the referring professionals participate to the activities of any parties referred to us by earning a portion of the commission generated by personal insurance products sold to the referred parties. Referrals and affiliate information is always disclosed as such when the user completes the “quote request” form on our website. This information would be found above the “quote request” form if there is a referring party. The following information pertaining to policies sold may be shared with referring affiliate brokers upon demand; policy number, annual premium, insurance company used.

Distribution Relationships

We process our insurance related business independently and submit it directly to insurance companies with whom we have distribution contract and through Managing General Agencies (MGA). Insurance companies either pay us directly, or partner Managing General Agencies (MGA) which will pay us, a bonus on commissions earned for the sale of insurance products. Any bonuses constitute a portion of the overall compensation that we are paid in conjunction with commissions referenced above. In addition, we have full discretion to deal with any insurer with whom we trade, and we are not subject to any pressure from our Managing General Agency (MGA) partners to favour one or the other insurer.

Our Managing General Agency (MGA) Partners

Our Insurance Carrier Partners

We hold distribution contracts with the following insurance carriers 

Compensation – Monetary and Non-Monetary

Upon completion of an insurance transaction, we will be paid a sales commission by the company that provides the product you purchase which is generally based on a percentage of the premiums. We may receive a renewal (or service) commission if you keep that policy in force. We may be eligible for additional compensation, such as bonuses or non-monetary benefits, such as travel incentives, conferences, and seminars, depending on various factors such as volume of our sales or persistency of business that we place with a company during a given period. Should your contract be cancelled within a certain period, we may be subject to chargebacks for a portion, or all commissions earned.

Errors & Omissions

All business operations are covered by errors and omission insurance held with Berkley Insurance Company

Collection, Use and Access of Information

We will, from time to time, collect financial and other information on you. This is information includes transaction related details arising from your relationship with or through us. We may obtain information from a variety of sources, including your own records with us, from transactions you have made with or through us, from credit reporting agencies and other financial institutions, and from references you have provided us.

You authorize us and our distributors, including our Managing General Agency partners to collect and maintain this information when you apply for an insurance product or service and during the course of our relationship in order to administer the insurance product or service for which you applied or requested information and to fulfil our legal and regulatory obligations. For these purposes, we will have to share your information with third party services such as paramedical service providers, and insurers to whom you are applying for an insurance product or service.

You have the right to obtain access to the information we hold about you on file at any time to review its content accuracy and to have it amended as appropriate. To request access to your file, to ask about our privacy policies, or to request that the information not be shared or used for the purpose outlines above, you can now or anytime in the future contact us.

If you are no longer a client or this agreement terminates, we may keep your information in my records so long as needed for the purposes described above or however long as it may required by law

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