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Licensed Affiliate Payouts

The more referrals you make, the more passive commission you earn! The following are our payouts

Extended Health Benefit Plans
25% of First Year Commission
Travel Insurance
20% of Commission
Visitors to Canada Health Insurance
20% of Commission
Expat Health Insurance
10% of Commission
Life Insurance
25% of First Year Commission
Disability & Critical Illness Insurance
30% of First Year Commission
Group Benefits
30% of First Year Commission



Disclosure and Privacy

Entering personal data on Red Helm Insurance is not only easy but also safe. Red Helm Insurance uses an Apache server with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, among the best Internet security software in the world. This security technology encrypts the personal information that you send us (including things like names, addresses, emails and telephone numbers), so it cannot be read by anyone as it travels over the Internet. We will evaluate and adopt new security technology as it becomes available. Click here to find out more information