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Congratulations! You’re employer, Red Edge Performance has made you eligible for their employee extended health benefits plan.

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This plan is brought to you by GMS (Group Medical Services) and Red Hem Insurance Ltd.

For any inquiries related to claims, you should first reach out to the insurance company, GMS. For any other inquiries or escalations related to unresolved claim inquiries, you should your group benefits account manager at Red Helm Insurance.

Toll Free – 1.800.667.3699

Email – [email protected] 

Address – 2055 Albert Street, PO Box 1949Regina, SK S4P 0E3

Account Manager – Stephane Perron 

Toll Free – 1.866.230.5565 ext 101

Direct Line – 613.704.6160

Email – [email protected] 

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This insurance application will not be submitted to the insurance company until you have received a formal email confirmation from Red Helm Insurance. Do not submit this application if you have not reviewed plans with and/or have been contacted by a Red Helm Insurance representative. Any information submitted within this application may be shared with the insurance company in question for the purpose of underwriting the insurance coverage you are applying for. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at 1.866.230.5565.