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Red Helm Insurance is an organization built for the next century. While other financial services firms are recycling the same playbook from generations past, we’re staking our claim online and building the economy of tomorrow.  

Entirely decentralized we want to retain the spirit of entrepreneurship even as we grow by rewarding key team members with ownership in the growth they helped realize. Even though we leverage technology for growth, the relationship we have with our stakeholders is symbiotic. Our employees and clients are equally important.   

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Our Founding Principles

Our world is changing fast. Never has there been so much opportunity to grow, stagnate or to decay. The quality and quantity of jobs is shrinking yet we’re awash in opportunity. Gone are the days with rich benefit plans, fully funded pensions and good salaries with guaranteed raises. Gone are the days where the world economy is increasingly tilted in our favor. 

Work is becoming more automated and virtual. It’s challenging because virtual relationships are hard and using automation properly can be complicated but leading in these areas is what is defining competition and growth. Organizations that don’t grasp this will struggle and operations that do will excel. 

Many large organizations are still living in the 1990s. They use the internet and interface with clients in novel ways but decision making is steep and vertical. Employees have little chance for real entrepreneurship because the employer often seeks to monopolize the individual’s labor. Growth cannot happen unless directed by the company. Not only are employees not incentivized to branch off, they may be fired for doing so. This smothers enthusiasm and harbors and bureaucracy. Growth should be nurtured however it comes. 

Join me, I’m building an organization for an age where everyone has a computer in their pocket. Together we’ll build an expertise in health, finance and learn how to find and connect with people who want to connect with us. 

Stephane Perron 

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