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Your Associate Health Plan

Congratulations! Beaches Therapy Group has made you eligible for their associate health benefits plan. This plan will give you access to extended health benefits at competitive rates without having to provide medical insurability and will cover pre-existing medical conditions.

The Beaches Therapy Group associate health benefits plan is brought to in partnership with Red Helm Insurance, Green Shield Canada, Edge Benefits, UV Insurance, and Odyssey Financial.

Application Process

Your Plan Options

Bronze Associate Plan

Insurance Carrier - Green Shield
  • No Medical Questionnaire Required
  • Superior Dental Coverage
  • Paramedical Specialist Coverage
  • No Commitment Period
  • Pay-Direct & Claim Portal Available
Health & Dental Starting at $89 Monthly

Silver Associate Plan

Insurance Carrier - Edge Benefits
  • No Medical Questionnaire Required
  • Complete Health, Dental & Drug Plan
  • Covers Existing Medical Treatments
  • No Commitment Period
  • Pay-Direct & Claim Portal Available
Complete Benefits Starting at $134 Monthly

Gold Associate Plan

Insurance Carrier - UV Insurance
  • Medical Questionnaire Required
  • High Coverage Limits
  • Covers Existing Medical Treatments
  • No Commitment Period
  • Pay-Direct & Claim Portal Available
Best Coverage Starting at $174 Monthly

Associate Health Plan Quotes


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